Archaeology in America

And here is how with the help of archaeology attracts tourists abroad :

The government of Pompeii Italian and Spanish Tarragona already made a program to attract tourists to the archaeological site. The largest of the American Institute of archaeology, leading excavations in 250 locations around the world, have created their own travel Agency. It offers to explore traditional culture of West Africa, passing on the boat on the river in Mali along the coast of Senegal and the Gambia; dear Odysseus to sail or drive the ancient Silk road through Central Asia; Biblical archaeological society, engaged in the excavation of Christian shrines, the program was opened by Travel & Study. Steven Feldman, Director of educational programs of the Bible society, said “Friday”: “We want to talk about the historical event clearly and exciting. To do this, first, to get there, where it happened, and secondly, to attract as guides scientists involved in the study of this historical period. Five-star hotels, private planes and yachts are included.”

As a rule, throughout the trip the group is accompanied by a professional archaeologist. For example, the ruins of Troy turistipercaso of the Institute of archaeology and bringing in teachers from Harvard, and a cruise to the Greek Islands accompanied by a Professor from Columbia University, a specialist in ancient history. For seriously interested in the history of organised lectures and a list of literature for the study. For more frivolous dinners, dances, balls and meetings with local celebrities.

In the program of a cruise around Sicily declared “dinner with Princess Stephanie and the nobility of Palermo”. The cost of tours $4-15 thousand, the duration of two weeks.

Can and to participate in the excavations. Archaeological expedition recruit volunteers for simple work: to dig trenches, to clean found artifacts or documentation. Paying a small fee that covers the cost of housing and running costs, you can participate in the excavation of the Peruvian tombs, explore a farming settlement 2000 BC in Thailand or the ruins of the Roman forum in Mallorca.

Usually volunteers come from the USA and Canada, but in the Biblical archaeological society far more applications from residents of South America and Europe. According to Kathleen Miller, a researcher at the Bible society for work with volunteers for some volunteers these excavations educational practice. But for most the dream of the archaeology left me in childhood, or just the romance of treasure hunting. “No movies, including “Indiana Jones”, not prepare for such. Tired, scratched and forever in the dust, I occasionally caught myself thinking: here I am sitting here with a shovel in hand, clearing a wall of some kind and I am sure that this is the best vacation in my life”, writes in his field diary on the website findadig American Robin Le Blanc, who participated in excavations in Northern Israel.

Excavations usually are not accompanied with the romance of the field life. Volunteers are placed in good hotels, they organize entertainment tours and scientific lectures. In Israel, Greece, Italy and Spain excavations are often near the coast.

The cost of participation in an archaeological expedition starts from $70 per week and goes up to $2000, the price depends mainly on the level of comfort. For $70 you can unearth the monuments of the pre-colonial period in Rwanda, with professors of the London University College and live in shared cottage with archaeologists (“the generator is switched off at 22.00” warns the website of the expedition). $2000 allow you to explore the ancient culture Were in Peru, the price includes “all the variety of local cuisine in the restaurant”.

Nearest to Russia, the place suitable for early archaeological career, is the Crimea. For 18 years from June to September taking volunteers Artesian expedition digging of the fortress Bosporus near Kerch. At the same time in the camp (though only a tent) is up to 150 people. There, on the coast Kazantip Bay, name of volunteer divers to examine the impact of seismic disasters on the development of ancient Bosporus. The period of participation in the excavations from a week to four months. Natalia Donskova, officer of the Fund “Archaeology”, gathering volunteers to the Crimea, ideal for first time limited to ten days. Enough of them to discover the history and learn the work, but not enough to get tired from the heat, sand and crowds of students and archaeologists.

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