Archaeology of Egypt

Egypt is the oldest country in the world. It was here he first formed a unitary state. It exists and is still — changing names, population, religion and form of government. Nevertheless, something remained unchanged. The cultural heritage of Egypt exists in the form of archaeological antiquities, valuable finds, majestic temples and pyramids, wonderful life. News of archaeology of Egypt presented in this section.

A team of archaeologists from Prague’s Charles University during the excavations in the mastaba AS-54, in the Sahara, discovered well-preserved parts of the large boats used during the old Kingdom for trips on the Nile. We are talking about a large boat, not toy models, which are often found in the tombs.

Funerary mask of Tutankhamun, hardly the most recognizable work of art of Ancient Egypt, returned to the Museum after two months of restoration, carried out by German experts. The restoration took the mask after an extremely amusing incident in which one of the Museum staff pulled Pharaoh’s beard. Then glued it using “super glue”.

Egypt is full of antiquities — a few thousand years of history make themselves known. Material remains of pregnantor very much. So much that there are a large number of temples, churches, monasteries, cities just abandoned. Take it, dig is a popular activity at local. Archaeological excavations of many monuments stopped for the simple reason that artifacts have nowhere to put it. The Egyptian Museum not only holds and keep records of exhibits and research in the framework of the regional local history museums — it is impossible because of low skills of regional staff. From these considerations arose the plan for the construction of the new Museum of Egyptian antiquities.

The oldest surviving stone structure of the world and the first Egyptian pyramid — the pyramid of Djoser is in danger and will collapse soon, says Nour Abdel-Samad, head of the documentation Department at the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt. The reason for that is incorrectly carried out the restoration of the pyramid, says an employee of the Ministry and leads certain arguments. And his superiors don’t think so. Minister of antiquities Mamdouh, Eldamaty collected representative a Commission of archaeologists, engineers and architects, which assured the restoration was carried out faithfully .

In addition to the history as a science, rather boring perezhevyvaya class struggle, industrial relations schemes and other antiduhring certainly important, but not exciting things, there is another story — the history of things and life. This is a very interesting part of science, because allows you even a little bit to get in ancient times. “To walk in their shoes,” as the Americans say in such cases. And exhibition in the famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo is dedicated to this aspect of ancient life: shoes of the past centuries.

What can be better than zombies? Zombie aliens. What’s better? Of course, the zombie aliens from the KGB. And even better that they were vampires, were armed with blasters and, of course, was in Ancient Egypt. But here we’re talking about “most important art”. But in real life? In real life turns out to be surprisingly many people who do not believe that the civilization of Ancient Egypt was done without any alien pieces, was created by people not much different from today’s inhabitants of Egypt and uses magic differently than in the ritual sense. It is strange that this opinion is firmly lives by the Russian and Western residents of Egypt, and from local residents.

Polish archaeological mission in Egypt, working in the Nile Delta in the governorate Dakahlia, in the village of tel al-Farha, conducted an excavation of the ancient, pre-dynastic graves. Preliminary results of these excavations has announced Mamdouh, the Minister of antiquities of Egypt. Just found four graves, three of which are in poor condition, but the fourth is perfectly preserved and richly equipped household items, jewelry and religious objects.

The authorities of the province of Luxor deny appeared in the local press rumors that the temple of Karnak was made large-scale theft. The message that a week ago from Carnac was taken out by a pick-up truck which were placed artefacts, which appeared in the media and were actively circulated on social networks. The Department of conservation of antiquities of Luxor under the administration of the province — his explanation to the rumors.

Not so long ago in Egypt on the social network Facebook launched a movement for the people’s document dumps and hospitals. In social groups laid out a fairly shocking pictures of the state of cities, streets and hospitals of Egypt. But landfills are not only bags and bottles. On the Picture you can see that garbage in a puddle of buried stone carving. most likely the late period of Ancient Egypt.

Almost three hundred archaeological artifacts of the Ancient and New history of Egypt go tours the capitals of Europe. The exhibition, based on the Egyptian collections of several museums will be presented that were recovered from oblivion thanks to the efforts of underwater archaeologists. A considerable portion of merit in the extraction of marine treasures owned by the Russian submariners.

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