Black archeologists” hinder the work of the Chernihiv researchers

On the implementation of the “Program of archaeological research in the Chernihiv region for 2013 – 2020 years” archaeologists reported yesterday, December 14, at a press briefing in RSA.

About this High Shaft reported in a press-regional state administration service.

General detailed report and for all 8-and current expeditions was described by the Director of the Institute of history, Ethnology and jurisprudence. A. M. Lazarev, candidate of historical Sciences, Professor Alexander Kovalenko.

According to him, this year the center of attention of researchers was the archaeological monuments of Ancient Russia and the era of the Cossacks, located on the territory of Chernihiv region.

Chernihiv archaeological expedition carried out works directed on studying of monuments of the ancient city land, on the territory of citadel. In addition, there were archaeological and architectural study of the Elias Church. Among interesting findings – jewelry form of the XII century, which was used for making bracelets.

Novgorod-Seversky archaeological expedition studied the ancient fortress city in the natural boundary of castle hill (Castle). In addition, on-site position in the tract Sarusawa was opened the remains of the ancient city of necropolis, the perennial search of scholars who have previously been unsuccessful.

Mazinska archeological expedition continued the researches on the territory of Mezenskogo national Park. The main object was the settlement of Sverdlovka-1. In addition, excavations were carried out on the territory of St. Nicholas Desert monastery Rychlewska.

Sednev archaeological expedition carried out works in the tract Trifonovna that on the South-Western outskirts of the village of Sednev, where the settlement was made in the section of fortifications. In addition, there have been surfovanie on the southern edge of the settlement near the settlement of Aresna.

Baturyn archaeological expedition conducted research in the protected areas of National historical and cultural reserve “Hetman’s capital” in the territory of the Fortress, near the house of Kochubey and on the territory of the country residence of Hetman Ivan Mazepa in the tract Honcharivka.

Vipavska archaeological expedition carried out works on the site and post Lipovskoe archaeological complex. Were investigated residential and commercial buildings of ancient time, as well as the burial of the late XVII beginning of the XVIII century.

Lyubetsky archaeological expedition continued its excavations in the tract monastyrysche. Study was completed the remnants of the Church. Joachim and Anna, as well as localized remnants of the Church of the intercession. Among the unique finds – icon.

Litwinska archeological expedition continued the study of the Settlement-in the village 2 Small Deciduous repkinsky district. Identified remains of buildings of the XVII – XVIII century with a stone Foundation.

Another archaeological expedition set up the subsidiary protective archaeological service of the Institute of archaeology of NAS of Ukraine “Ancient woodland”, which conducted a detailed inspection of the monuments in the bog “Great zamglay”. In the expeditions were attended by representatives of domestic and foreign scientific and educational institutions.

The resulting archaeological materials can significantly enrich the historical and cultural potential of the Chernihiv region. A collection of finds will join the meeting of museums of Chernihiv region.

After the finalization of the scientific reports they will be used for the preparation of scientific and scientific-popular publications, documentation of monument protection, as well as in local history, museums and sightseeing.

And to see this unique find after a few months in the museums of Chernihiv.

“So all the findings will add to the exposure of the museums of Chernihiv. This is our principled position”, – says Alexander Kovalenko.

Interfere with the work of researchers and so-called “black archeologists”.

However, it requires not only changes in legislation. For example, efficient would be a complete ban to sell metal detectors. Or at least the reception of their respective owners. However, even under these conditions, the demand for found “black archeologists” artifacts will still draw hunters into the territory of Chernihiv region.

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