Black diggers

On the site of the once prosperous village Bushneva they leveled a whole street of merchant houses, ancient temples and the floors broke down, destroyed the iconostasis. That in Antropovo district are black diggers, journalists PTRC “Rus” reported travesty from the Moscow club “Russia”.

According to the Russian legislation for the destruction or damage of monuments of architecture of the black hunters threaten multimillion dollar fines or imprisonment for a term of three years. Its position about what is happening today will Express and the representatives of the regional administration. Question about anything,or have man or beast.

When you start to drip bulldozers and excavators, this is not from people but from. dough.

I think the expression. black kopateli, this is already the Fig leaf, a smokescreen behind which hides a great member of the impotence of society in which the barbarous destruction of the spiritual and historical heritage. At the head of all is loot. Money rules the world, power. Loot conquered everything and everyone, in the teleyaschikam we see the House-2, Voronin and neshoba salvage forces to look melting in the form of Reclam and svetskih the lionesses. The loot in the fresh rivers and in the Karelian birches, loot everywhere. Loot settled in churches and churchyards, displacing from there the faith in God and the commandments Boyi. If before the man could plow or the neighbor’s garden for a sack of potatoes or for the money and the wife gonna could paolizzi for the harvest,I come and offer money and this tractor went to the churchyard for the loot. Because the tractor already anybody will not give money do not have them, the owner of Molina will not be because of how to plow nakamu and nothing, but there is loot. Not going the tractor to dig up the churchyard for the loot to burn his house because of money is no obstacle, the loot made your own laws in which loot pesedit anyone who stands in his way. Advertising dough segodnyashego. . You want beautiful bubble live give and get satisfaction. Exaggerating of course but all of this is sad, because the facts of mockery already catastrophic. Now in the box and across Moscow Rackley of neslab, with debiloidy face, here you eat. loot already uplocheno.

Kostroma region, Nikolo-Pustyn

Savagely cut the top layer only of the churchyard, not current desecrated graves desecrated memory in the form of gravestones and monuments.

Belozersky Kremlin 2012 -demolition of the cultural layer by bulldozers. Who should sit?

brigand You, as probably most of you here, angered both the fact of barbarism and identification with this fact “white diggers”. And that’s just the Jeepers, and all the rest, to explain what distinguishes black from white is pointless, because they are not interested. Those who ache for “the idea”, I will say you the same and black and white and where to draw the line I don’t know and don’t want to know, will be to extinguish all. And what they will be right: it is much easier when there is only one color – one enemy, and the wood cut – chips fly. Due to its fragmentation and individualism we missed the moment when it was still possible to create a definition: white digger. Now under the weight of negative material that pours from the media make it extremely difficult. Until a clear separation: where is black, where white without any shades, we won’t prove. Public opinion is formed against the diggers – all. But public opinion can be more terrible invalid in law. But really, well who can blame jeep-drivers accidentally snesshim little fence, but the man dug the one hole 20/20cm to score with his own shovel (if you take away able). oops: what I’m getting at. I see only one form of conduct: no alternative judgment, as of this fact, and such (and this is really my opinion). And the creation and promotion it is the “instrument search” in its various forms: sports and recovering targets and on the basis of geocaching, and the combination with dipertua, and beach (as appeared from a letter he allowed), etc. Yes many “masters” don’t want to know: toys. But, do not forget that people come in search constantly, every year. And we have to make sure that he would come into a legal organization and not in empty space with a dubious, polypectomy future. Then we will be able to change the laws. Dreams. dreams. In the meantime, does it really matter how the face paint: in accordance with the law, or not. . Wow, what is their manageress. kumparsita

Those who destroyed Bosnia – marauders. no other word. BUT to put all indiscriminately, for each exit of Jeepers well not saaaay. weirdface: Fair trial and a result in Russia there are no certainties.

YES and it should be noted that typically make people quite not simple. because it costs money and the right connections the right connections or is it dig. And this should also tell.

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