Excavations of the settlement of the XII century Bobble

Found two ancient settlements, Dating back at least 800 years. Discover the ancient settlement managed during the construction of the second ring road. Archaeologists have finished the excavation. What is the value of the monuments, what would happen to them and what Antiques are of most interest — this “MP” told the researcher of the Department of archaeology of primitive society at the Institute of history of NAS of Belarus Zoya Kharitonovich.

During exploration.

Find the objects — a great success. In fact, ancient settlements, as a rule, not marked on the ground. These were typical of arable fields that have long been used for economic needs. Therefore, to detect the settlement — not an easy task — says Zoya Kharitonovich. — It’s either luck or purposeful exploration. Archaeologists frequently go on expeditions, exploring the area that they are interested in writing this or that work, and as a result find something unique. Sometimes random findings bring to school museums children: they can show the place, where they found these artifacts, and this new point on the map. This time the researchers got lucky. They came across a settlement Bobble that under Zaslavl, in the early spring of 2011, when ground cover was small. This place was once a nursery of trees and shrubs, and in that moment, a special technique rozpushuvala earth midaregami trees. As a result, the archaeologists were able to find medieval pottery — it was so much that could be argued: it’s not just the location of the individual fragments, and the former settlement. Although other items of value, then, was not only in one place was found a coin of the eighteenth century.

— This settlement we found in 2011, at the design stage of the second ring road, — says the researcher. — Conducted a survey of the territories covered under the project. For several months a group of archaeologists investigated the route from Ostroshitsky small Town Rakov to — and recorded all archaeological monuments and artifacts. In particular, it has been found a few localities of the late ceramic, but only two recorded settlements: the first — Salamanaca, where in XVIII—XIX centuries was located a tavern, and second, as I said, the village Boubli, at the fork of two roads — Bobble — Sekovici and Bobble — Sloboda. Thus, these two items were included in the report, which we subsequently presented to the customer with instructions to inform the Institute of the history before beginning any excavation in these areas to conduct archaeological research. As you know, this spring construction began on the second ring road around Minsk. And archaeologists has come a hot time. First, they investigated the place of settlements Solomonese, but finds there found little. But the most interesting item was the settlement Bobble. If the investigation of the scientists have found a material that allowed us to date this settlement much earlier than expected before time XII—XIII centuries.

According to Zoe Kharitonovich, was found a monument of archeology is of great value. And primarily because in the vicinity of Minsk not much is known of the medieval settlements of Ancient Russia. Secondly, previously discovered settlements researched. But Bobble the scientists studied carefully, they examined each parcel of land on the territory of almost half hectare. With the aid of bulldozers, excavators had removed the topsoil, and in the meantime we tried to find any ancient objects. But, unfortunately, in the upper layer of the earth finds virtually no. The reason is that this settlement was well known to fans of metallopoiska, — explains the interlocutor. — However, when removing the topsoil was found that in the mainland there is quite a large number of remains of dwellings, household pits and pillar, structures and buildings, which are stored after a certain period of human life. Were also found several furnaces, hearths, built of stones, probably, people were living in ground houses the log building. In the first stage, the archaeologists found 18 objects. Of particular interest are individual finds, in particular, representative collection of crucifixes, the elements ring set, iron tools, arrowheads, fragments of chain mail. This suggests that this settlement could live a privileged population, possibly mundane bar. When the researchers expanded the search area, then a total of all the monument has recorded 55 of objects that can be associated with the period of operation of settlements. And some of the buildings were located in a line in the direction from West to East, which means that researchers probably were lucky to go into the street of the ancient settlement Boubli, partially filled with stones, with a large number of ceramics and even entire vessels. Also found were spearheads and arrows, knives of different sizes and shapes, fragments of the stapes, and parts of belt set, ornaments (rings, including silver), trim ring, horseshoe brooch, elements of horse harness, grinding stones that are typical of the period. Of particular interest are the whorls — they are made from pink slate, which was then extracted near the Ukrainian town of Ovruch. There is a version that these findings could serve as the equivalent of money. In General, the collection of finds from the settlement Bobble consists of more than 300 artifacts.

Earthworks in places found of settlements already concluded. At the moment all the finds are in the proper form, restored. Then they will be entered in a separate list, given to the artist for the sketches, will form the basis of scientific publications, and in the future it is planned to release a separate book on the village Boubli. — This monument is very interesting and unusual, — says the researcher. — Zaslavl was the princely center, and around it there are several large burial mounds. In the Zaslavl there are two ancient hill FORTS, so our finding with a variety of materials extends understanding about district of the city in the era of Ancient Rus.

Space settlement is about three hectares. In this case, the construction of the second ring road is covered about 1.5 ha. If the remainder of the settlement will be subject to excavations, the archaeologists will continue their research. — Of course, you can’t stop progress. The city is expanding and in need of infrastructure. For us the main thing is that the designers and builders took into account the likelihood of discovering archaeological sites, — says Zoya Tibilov. — If they will take that into consideration and will be treated in the Institute of history at archaeological expertise, we will be able to save the findings for future generations. So, these monuments will not disappear and will remain in publications and Museum collections.

— Is it possible to restore the found settlement? — I am interested at the interlocutor. — Alas, it’s impossible, ‘ came the reply. — Not the houses themselves. What are found objects? It pits various purposes, which, in principle, do not say anything to a tourist. Another thing, if I left the log building. But here the soil is such that nothing is saved. However, in the preparation of publications it is planned to implement a graphical reconstruction of settlements, where we will see how our ancestors lived, they had weapons, tools, jewelry.

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