In Zheleznogorsk convicted black diggers

For the storage of gunpowder extracted from bullets dug during the war, citizens on probation: one year and a half, another a year and three months

The verdict in the case of illegal acquisition and possession of explosives Vasily Valley, the President of the court of Zheleznogorsk . issued on October 23. When this is taken into account that the defendants fully admitted his guilt and actively contributed to the investigation of the crime committed.

But the crime looked like. In autumn 2012 two citizens went to the place of hostilities of the great Patriotic war (Dmitrov district, Oryol oblast) to conduct excavations. In the forest at a single locality dug up from the ground many rifle cartridges. Then brought them in Zheleznogorsk, in the basement of a multistory apartment building learned gunpowder (almost two pounds) and poured in a glass jar. May 30, 2013 law enforcement officers that seized the gunpowder.

In addition, one of the defendants in carrying out excavations found a grenade, brought it to work. Extracted explosive substance (49.2 grams of TNT) and kept it in his locker changing.

While a court-appointed probation – a year and a half and a year and three months – the defendants have no right to change a constant residence, are obliged once in metatables for registration. The sentence may be appealed.

Read the comments and wonder! Yes, officials at the plant to be millions, Yes, 2 kg of gunpowder is zilch! But who knows what tomorrow these diggers in the ground dug up. But if the bomb weighing two hundred pounds. And mind they would suffice to bring the bomb in the basement, so the powder from it to extract, and the blank on scrap metal to hand over! I don’t want to be in the basement of MY house jackass the shells were rusted out. Is there anybody who wrote a comment wants.

Less would be scared and no one would nycal in basements. Would the program at the MOE type: found -said that he saw a man —> prize 500 R. or suppose the powder will pour and give disc. and people will sit on the metal. What we have: – open cooperation between government and citizens; – in the district would have immediately gone all the dangerous traces of war, the real threat would be taken to the landfill; – people finds themselves disposed to whom the ashtray from the socket, but the metal would be handed over.

The min people were killed,they are not planted.Vasilyev stole,and Serdyukov was covering–they are not planted.And these two for the powder almost went.In justice that pole–to each

judge for yourself – well what can you do with 2 kg of gunpowder? hunters it is also keep in the house – and what? now will inflate baiting – with tags and other is black diggers, digging arms, put his killers. all weapons since the fall of the earth-mother and gunpowder with TNT. this is a kid who played in one place. all men are little children. TNT WWII it another blast. he burns with labour in General, law enforcement agencies reported, ticked, district and regional reports was the arrest and condemnation of “black diggers”, everyone is happy convicts will also be silent in a rag, pleased that got off probation and who’s Homeland was stolen, who steals billions – will continue to live in 20-room apartments with servants and to go shopping in personal cars is absurd.

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