The legendary Troy, or Ilion

Trojan horse — a symbol of Troy (located at the entrance to the territory of the National historical Park of Troy)

Troy — perhaps in the world, few of those who have not heard the name of this legendary city at least once in their life, who has not heard of the famous Trojan horse . which dramatically changed the course of the Trojan war . Starting from the “Iliad” of Homer . describing the fifty-one day of the last year of the Trojan war . about Troy said and written a lot. Troy was always interested and continues to interest a variety of scholars: archaeologists, historians, writers and local historians. But did You know that Troy is in Turkey ?

Where is Troy (Ilion)? Troy on a map of Turkey

The Location Of Troy

Troy on a map of Turkey

“Troy” and “Ilium” are two different names of one and the same powerful city in Asia Minor, at the entrance from the Aegean sea to the Dardanelles (Hellespont) . The city was located on the ancient Maritime trade route, which connected the Aegean sea with the Marmara and Black seas. Troy occupied a dominant position over the Strait and this allowed the city to become a key center of trade between East and West in the bronze age. Continue reading

The first people

Geologists decided the beginning of the Quaternary period from the appearance of the first fossil remains of primitive people. But there is a major problem: paleontologists continue to find more ancient traces of their existence. Thus, the beginning of the Quaternary period extended farther, which inevitably leads to a new question: whether found fossil remains of the man or the APE-like man?

The first people — who are they?

Nowadays scientists unanimously believe that the first people could be considered not monkeys, and almost people — the Australians. These two-legged creatures, whose remains were first found in 1920 in South Africa, taking us to distant times. Here the footprints date back 3.5 million years ago, where the skeleton has an age of 3.1 million years. There are findings, which is indicative of an even more distant past: 5, b even and 7 million years ago. It seems that these humanoid creatures lived only in Africa. Some of them, undoubtedly, were the ancestors of the first true man — Noto of Gains, which appeared a little over 2 million years ago, and now for him almost immediately followed by Homo erectus. The first type lasted about a million years. The second, which is also called Pithecanthropus, was a real wanderer. It leinahtan almost everywhere in the Old World. The most ancient of them have an age of 150 thousand years. But only some 100 thousand years ago in Europe, a more developed person, possessing even the rudiments of culture: Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, or as often say, “Neanderthal”. He disappeared from the face of the Earth about 35 thousand years ago, but our direct ancestor, Noto was his contemporary. Recently in a cave on mount Qafzeh, in Israel, paleontologists discovered fossil remains of this ancient “modern” man. Their age – about 90 thousand years. Thus, the man was much older than scientists thought until now. Continue reading

In Nagorno Karabakh the archaeological Museum is open

In Nagorno-Karabakh on may 30 with support from the government was the opening of the archaeological Museum. The Museum was founded in the XVIII century fortress, which is located near the ancient city of Tigranakert (North-East of Askeran region of Nagorno Karabakh).

Specific localization of the ancient Tigranakert, founded in Artsakh Armenian king Tigran II the Great (95-55 BC), was refined in the summer of 2005. In the same year, archaeological excavations began. produced primarily by specialists from Armenia. In the excavations, financed by the government of Nagorno-Karabakh. took part scientists of Institute of archeology of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Engineering University and State Museum of Armenian history.

The outdoor Museum is illustrated the course of archaeological excavations, and in three halls of the Museum houses various artifacts discovered by the archaeological expedition of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia in the course of excavations. Also presents objects of material culture, starting with the V century BC to the XVII century.

The territory of the ancient city of Tigranakert, which covers about five thousand acres, last year was granted a national Park status. In Nagorno-Karabakh are going to turn this ancient city into a place of pilgrimage for Armenians from all over the world.

According to the head of the Department of tourism under the government of the Nagorno Karabakh Sergey Shahverdyan . in addition to the Tigranakert, the reserve also includes the historic environment of the city. “This environment is very rich in historical monuments and testimonies. And the creation of the Museum of Tigranakert is the basis for the reserve came to life”, – said Sergey Shahverdyan. Continue reading

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