South America

It turned out that the inhabitants of Easter island did not conduct the war as previously believed, Archaeologists of the University Binghamton studied the obsidian spears of the mysterious civilization of Easter island and concluded that it was unlikely to have disappeared as a result of military conflict, according to Antiquity. “Almost any thing can be used as a spear, and almost any object can become a murder weapon. But when you are at war, your weapon must meet certain. Read more ”

To the 70-ies of XX century it was believed that the earliest people in America were the bearers of the Clovis culture. It was about 13.5–9 thousand years ago and stood out a special type of tips – well crafted and balanced. But in the 1970s, archaeologist Tom Dillehay (Tom Dillehay) opened in the Parking lot of Monte Verde in Chile, the remains of dwellings, hearths, footprints of people and the artifacts that were dated to the period about 14.5 thousand years ago. Then the archaeologist had for a long time. Read more ”

The status of a significant portion of geoglyphs located in the Peruvian desert of Nazca, raises concerns, reports the newspaper “universal”. According to Peruvian archeologists, serious damage to the ancient figures and geometric figures are trucks that drive around the valley, despite the existing ban. Power strangelet is not sufficient for the preservation of unique objects created by an ancient civilization. Read more ”

On Earth there is not a small number of ancient archaeological artifacts that testify to the fact that the history of life on our planet may be not the same as what we imagine. Before you 6 the most notable findings, which are still not solved. Giant stone balls of Costa Rica’s Mysterious stone formations perfectly round shapes are intriguing not only for its view, but by its obscure origin. For the first time. Read more “

Paleontologists have found fossils of three-dimensional birds — the most complete surviving remains of ancient birds of Gondwana (the second, the southern supercontinent of Mesozoic). A bird the size of hummingbirds lived in the early Cretaceous period (115 million years ago) on the territory of today’s Brazil. About the discovery reported in the journal Nature Communication. The vast majority of the fossil birds of the Cretaceous period found in northeastern China. Chinese remains the same. Read more ”

The people settled in South America in a single migration wave, soon after their ancestors first came from Siberia to the Western hemisphere. Settlement in South America was discussed in a paper presented at the annual conference of the society of American archaeology in San Francisco. The work is based on DNA extracted from the remains of five ancient people who lived in the Peruvian Andes. The Peruvian Andes is the Most ancient Parking in South America – Monte. Read more ”

Western TV channels announced the discovery in the jungle of Honduras previously unknown civilization. According to the authorities of the country, archaeologists found the so-called City of the monkey God mentioned in the times of the conquistadors. The scholars differed: some took the news with interest, while others said that we can talk about the falsification for political purposes. A range of Western Newspapers and TV channels (for example, us. Read more ”

Archaeological expedition, who returned from the jungles of Honduras, announced the discovery of the ruins of the city-States belonging to the unknown science of civilization of Central America. The rumors about this town went from the time of the Spanish conquistadors of the sixteenth century, and local legends he was known as the “City of the monkey God”. About opening reported by Fox News. The expedition included scientists from the U.S. and Honduras, engineer (specialist in working with lidar). Read more ”

In the Peruvian Andes, at an altitude of 4500 meters above sea level, discovered traces of prehistoric man is the highest point, where getting primitive people, reported in the journal Science. Scientists have no idea how the inhabitants of sites in the Andes (date them to the tenth Millennium BC) could survive in conditions of low oxygen content, powerful solar radiation and extreme cold. An international team of. Read more ”

Abderemane study 27 aboriginal people of Easter island gave the first convincing evidence of contact between Polynesians and American Indians in pre-Columbian era. Between 1300 and 1500 years the inhabitants of Rapa Nui, most likely, sailed to America and back, the authors of the articles in the journal Current Biology. The scientists found in the genome Rapa Nui people 76 per cent Polynesian DNA, 16 percent European and 8 Indian. The undoubted Polynesian.

South America
It turned out that the inhabitants of Easter island did not conduct the war as previously believed, Archaeologists of the University Binghamton studied the obsidian spears of the mysterious civilization…

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Archaeologists have unearthed the largest Indian settlement
The settlement of the 16th century, discovered on the North shore of Ontario, in his days was a major economic and cultural center. This conclusion was made by canadian researchers…

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In Nagorno Karabakh the archaeological Museum is open
In Nagorno-Karabakh on may 30 with support from the government was the opening of the archaeological Museum. The Museum was founded in the XVIII century fortress, which is located near…

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