The Latest Biblical Archaeological Discoveries

Amazing archaeological evidence, miraculously saved by God until our days and is open to each of us through the American archaeologist Ron Wyatt , which prove the full truth of the Bible on the basis of the facts and with the help of modern methods and technologies in archaeology and science.

The legendary Noah’s ark in the Ararat mountains (20 km South of mount Ararat), the remains of which survived until our days after 4500 years! The Turkish government and archaeologists recognized the discovery of Noah’s ark, declared it an international Park, and built a visitors ‘ center.

Burned and turned into ashes burning sulfur rain the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Dead sea! Estancieros and evidence of their destruction has been preserved and set an example for the future of the wicked.

The route of the Exodus of Jews from Egypt and the place where the waters of the red sea parted in front of them! Underwater “bridge”, the remains of chariots, the pillars of Solomon on both banks from the transition testify to God’s wonderful deliverance of the chosen people from slavery.

The real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia, the tip of which from the close presence of God blackened and turned into volcanic glass! Chopped in half rock Rephidim, the Golden calf altar, the altar “Jehovah Nissi”, the altar of Moses, and many other testimonies confirm what happened on mount Sinai event.

And finally – the ark of the Covenant . found under the site of the crucifixion of Christ at Calvary in Jerusalem. with His blood on the mercy seat. which has unique properties. confirming that He, being the Son of God and having eternal divine nature to redeem us, to be our example, helper, intercessor and high priest, in the incarnation took flesh and blood of fallen man (ROM.1:3; Heb.2:11,14,16-18; Gal.4:4). was tempted as any man, but never gave in to temptation and never sinned, neither in thoughts nor in actions, thus He conquered and condemned sin in the flesh ( ROM.8:3,4; Heb.4:15; Heb.5:7-9). On the cross He was eventually crucified the sinful flesh with all its affections and lusts, that we might have hope and confidence in victory over it. Christ conquered sin by becoming one of us – He became our brother, He became involved in our human nature. so we had the opportunity through the new birth of the spirit be made partakers of the divine nature and to conquer sin, as Christ overcame!

When the Blood of Christ sprinkled the Ark, then held a ratification or approval of the New Testament. the prophecy in Dan.9:24 the anointing of the Holy of Holies. This Covenant is at the base of the same 10 commandments. proclaimed by the mouth of God at Sinai, but in a reversal from the old Testament. God himself and not the people themselves, will do through a man good and to recreate in him the image and likeness of His only begotten Son. It is possible for everyone who will respond wholeheartedly to Christ’s sacrifice. God will grant this person the faith of Christ, that is, the ability to devote yourself to God and give Him all his will without reserve ( ROM.15:3; Jn.5:30; Jn.6:38 ).

At this point in time, Christ, as our high priest is in the most Holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and each of us personally, with the help of the Holy spirit, through our conscience, He says, and begs her to accept wholeheartedly the gift which God the Father gave us. Jesus Christ is the ark of our salvation, like the ark of Noah can save us from dying in sin of the world. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, today’s world revels in sin – complacency, vanity and self-gratification, mindlessly breaking the 10 commandments. The fate of this world is reflected in the fate of these cities. Like the Exodus of God’s people from Egypt, God can lead us out of the bondage of sin. He can do that and grant us victory over his “I”. It will enter into our hearts his law and the perfection of his will, so that we together with Christ had a part in the victory over sin (Jn.16:33; jer.31:31-34 ).

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