The magical properties of fossils

Fossils — fossils of plants and animals that lived on our planet in the distant past. Without fossils all our knowledge about the world was limited to a few millennia. It is not surprising that in many folk beliefs, we find the worship of fossils — the ancients gave them magical and healing properties.

Among the fossils that scientists find, come across absolutely amazing specimens of extraordinary beauty. The most famous and popular fossils are the Ammonites — the armor of cephalopods spiral shape. Their size varies from two centimeters to two meters; many civilizations considered them to be a powerful amulet that has supernatural properties.

Hindus believed that the Ammonites concluded the spirit of the God Vishnu, guide warriors to victory. During the middle Ages the peasants have hung Ammonite in the barn so that the cattle were healthy and the milk is not sour. It is believed that the Amish give their owners peace of mind and ability to win the most difficult life situatsii. Christian tradition keeps the legend according to which in the fossils has turned the serpent Saint Hilda. The amulets of Ammonites averted disaster, saved them from dangers.

Karpagavalli in Ammonites the symbol of the God Baal, and the ancient Egyptians believed that their shells resemble the horns of their sun God Amun, in whose honor these fossils were called.

The ancestors of the squid, belemnites lived in the seas in the Mesozoic era. They were used in magical rituals of ancient times and protected from the forces of evil. It is believed that belemnites could resist evil eye. Bokordici — fossil mollusks of the squad plastinchatousykh; their fossils have the shape of a heart and are therefore used in love magic. It is also believed that they strengthen the spirit of its owner, helping him to look dangers in the face.

Trilobites were used in magical practices as talismans, bringing good luck, and as powerful amulets. Fossils of sea urchins are considered to be an amulet to help maintain health.

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