Tomb of the giants.

Traces of the giant, found by the expedition of Professor Muldashev in Syria, has led our scientists to the graves of giants. About who they protect and what you can find Ernst Muldashev told readers of “Arguments and facts”.

– Many world legends tell of the giants, the giants, the titans… Why no one found giant human bones? Because find same dinosaur bones.

It is quite possible that the ancient giants did not betray the bodies of the dead earth as we. Even in the modern world all the peoples of burying people in different ways. For example, in India it is customary to burn the deceased, and the ashes drop into the water. But it seems to me that the ancient people placed the bodies of dead brethren in the sarcophagus where the body was dematerializations and turned into some bundles of energy that were used by real people for different purposes. This was probably “the last journey” of the deceased in antiquity. Therefore, the bones of giant people can not find.

– No, we did not find bones. But the graves of ancient giants discovered.

– Tell us about these graves.

– The most famous and significant is the grave of Abel – son of Adam and eve, located near Damascus. A huge number of pilgrims from Arab countries come here to worship. Guarding this tomb for more than 300 years, representatives of Islam, called “drusen”that recognize Jesus Christ and speak serijskom dialect of Aramaic – the language of the lifetime of Jesus.

The grave of Abel is a granite structure length 5 meter 71 cm and a width of 1 meter 80 cm. On the side of the tombstone has holes through which you can feel a strange smell.

– Were there any attempts to open and explore the grave?

– Is this considered a desecration of the graves. Muslims will not allow this ever.

– You talked about a few graves of giants…

– As a result of a long search near the city of Aleppo in Syria we managed to find a place where there were several tombs of the giants, which people worship. But, as locals told, several years ago, Orthodox Muslims destroyed them, rethrownew headstone bulldozer. Here, by the way, would it be possible to conduct archaeological excavations, though… the reaction of the local population can be unpredictable.

20 km from this place at the top of the hill we were shown another tomb of the giants, which the locals called “the grave of a 7.5-meter man.” The giant’s name was Mohammed Ataul, which translates as Mohammed High. He, according to legend, came here from Yemen, was a miracle worker, he knew the dialect of Arabic spoken by the prophet Muhammad. Here he died and was buried. Two years ago hitherto maintained a grave of a giant dug up the treasure hunters, but were caught and put in jail. And now local farmers restore their own: they already conturile its large stones and laid out around a stone fence. The length of the grave – 7,75 m, width of 2.20 meters.

– Do you really believe that in these places the people buried giant?

– Nobody can prove it, not digging up the grave and found bones. But the Syrian government is unlikely to authorize the opening of graves.

However, a number of indirect evidence allows one to think that the giants quite possibly have lived on the Earth even in such a distant historical period. For example, in the East there is a very detailed description of the Buddha. From this description, called “60 and features 32 characteristics of the Buddha”, it is clear that the Buddha has had tremendous growth, membranes between fingers and toes, retractable penis, 40 teeth… that fits the description of people of the previous civilization – the Atlanteans. Why we should ignore the legends of giants and titans? Why we should not take into account the obvious footprints of a giant in ain-Dara? And finally, why should we be considered a hoax real giant of the grave worshipped by the people since the burial of the giant?

If you Ernst a Professor, ask the question “Where at such a relatively late historical period appeared on the Land of the giants?”, you will probably answer “From Shamballa”.

– The legends underground Shambhala, and legends about giants that exist in all corners of the globe since very old times, those times when the normal communications between the two countries. And, probably, if to trust legends, there, in Tibet, we are not originated from monkeys and humans were cloned by the previous civilization – the Atlanteans, the dead city which still can be found on the globe.

Can I use a metal hatchet and a wooden chariot to build dozens of magnificent cities in just 30 years? And who drank water from the well, the cover of which weighs 1400 kg? The answers to these questions the expedition Muldashev searched in several ancient cities of the East. More details in the next issue.

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